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Full Version: HP 12C, 12C Platinum & 15C iOS App
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Just wondering whether people at HPMuseum.org forum bought the official iOS app of Hewlett Packard 12C, 12C Platinum or 15C calculator with their Apple iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad)?

I have the hp 15C ap on an iPhone 3GS. I never had the real 15c so I can't compare that way. That is actually why I bought it. It was cheaper than getting a real 15C from TAS and I was hopin to see what all the hype is about.

I don't use it as my 1st choice because I like the free42 and i41CX+ calculators tha I have better.

One major annoyance on the 15C for iOS is that the keyboard click volume is not adjustable. The clicking of the keys seems obnoxiously loud to me. Also, there is a manual included but it is not the complete version. Only the first part is included which leaves out programming and perhaps some other stuff.

I'm not sure I have ever seen an update on the ap so I'm assuming hp is leaving it as it is and not doing any improvements / changes to the ap.

It is kinda cool from a nostalgia standpoint but there are much better RPN implementations for iOS if you are looking for a GoTo ap. (my opinion only, YMMV)

I downloaded and use Free42 and 42S (both!). I paid for them, am very satisfied, and use them very frequently.

Not for serious usage, I downloaded RPN-21, Calc12C+, i48 and m48.

There is also a HP-35 simulator, but it is not a downloadable program; you just access a web page with the simulator and use it online.

HP15C app is interesting but expensive in my opinion; it seems there are better options (cost/benefit-wise) in the App Store (i.e.: other 15C emulators).

Just my AR$ 1e-1