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Full Version: HP 16C - loose keys
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I have bought on TAS a 16C in very good conditions, it works perfectly and it looks almost new. However, some keys are a bit wobbling, the feel of pressing them seems ok though. The most affected keys are the ENTER key and the keys around it, whilst the wobbling gradually disappears towards the right and left sides of the calculator. Does anybody know what could be the cause of this and whether it can be fixed?
Thank you

If you look at the case from a low angle you will notice that towards the ends (left and right in your description) where the screws are squeezing the case together the gap between the two halfes is significant smaller than in the middle. That's the reason why the keys in the middle of almost all the voyagers keyboard have more "freedom of movement" (aka wobbling) and lesser towards the sides.

I don't know what could be done about this except loosening the screws a little bit to relax the pressure on the case (which makes it bend), maybee someone else has a better "cheat" to this?!

Thank you for the hint.
I can see a very mild curvature of the bottom half of the calculator and the keys that rock side to side most are the ENTER one and the other two in the same column. I cannot see the same curvature on my other three Voyager models whose keys are all firm.