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Full Version: wp34s EXIT key during number entry
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I noticed that during number entry, pressing (even repeatedly) the EXIT key does nothing. I don't know if that's the intended behavior for some reason, but wouldn't it be nice if pressing EXIT during number entry just canceled that entry, without modifying the stack at all? While using my 34s, a couple of times I started entering a number, then realized I didn't have to, so I had to clear x and roll down the stack, and I lost the top level of the stack...


Ciao Christian,

Thanks for your observation. Following page 55 of the recent manual, this behaviour is a bug since numeric entry is a pending operation :-/ We'll look into it.



Fixed I hope :-)

Well, fix in the next build.

- Pauli

Thank you! :) It's hard for me to keep track of exactly what changes... I couldn't find a changelog in my svn folder, and I can't re-read the whole manual at every update! :) Is there a "diff" changelog for the documentation?


Take a look at the very last page of the manual. It doesn't list each and every little change I made, but what I consider "major stuff". I hope it helps a bit nevertheless.


Addendum: For the current release, these notes may change with every new file uploaded. Release notes of previous versions are frozen.

Edited: 1 June 2011, 3:30 a.m.

I've committed a new build.

OK, I've tried the emulator and it works! Thank you! :) Now on to reflashing the real calc!