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Full Version: Documentation for ROMs in the 41CL ... link included...help needed
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So, what documentation (apart from finding the Grapevine book for the Advantage rom) exists for the Advantage applications rom?

What documentation exists for a lot of these? :-)

This will be a work in process. Link below will be to the current version of this document, which I will attempt to update.

FEEL FREE to download the document and add information. :-)

I hope you can see what I'm trying to do with this...

The column that is VERY important is the link to documentation online somewhere for the roms. This file is a work in process and I will update the file linked to as needed.


Excel version of HP 41 module list with 41CL notes and documentation links

Thanks to Angel Martin for providing a file with lots of information in it. Here's an example of the function level detail I think we should try to make available for the HP 41 roms. Suggestions on the best place to host this file going forward? TOS?


Here is Angel's list of all (mostly) rom functions:


Link is provided as I can't get the hotlink to work on this for some reason.

Edited: 27 May 2011, 1:33 p.m.

You may want to update the links for my three modules (The Icebox, the NOV CHAP and the ASTRO UI) to:


Will do, but ICEBOX is not in the 41CL...

Right - and that's good as the NOV CHAP supersedes it.