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Full Version: Nspire CX available?
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Well, not according to TI's web site, but Office Depot swears they're in stock and will have one on my doorstep by the 25th. We'll see, I suppose.

I have not seen one in any stores near me. If I get one, I will only get the CAS version.

You'll find it probably on time on your doorstep.

TI released at least the new OS 3.0 just a few hours ago ;-))


I just purchased one at the local Office Depot. If they have them in Grand Junction, CO. I imagine that they will have them anywhere.

I saw it at the West Covina, CA store too (along with the 10bii+ :) ) - just the numeric version. No sight of the CAS version.

Just got one from a local Office Depot today. The display is quite good. The most intriguing thing to me is how the cursor thing acts both as a directional pad with click buttons, and as a touch pad. I've only had a few minutes to play with it. It seems that to use the touch pad you have to keep your finger on it until the cursor appears.

The first thing I did was select calculator mode and compute e to the i pi, which gave -1 as expected.

I liked that it defaulted to radians rather than degrees. I suppose some people will hate that, but at least it is trivial to change.

Apparently the Nspire OS 3.x has an undocumented Lua interpreter, which is more powerful than the crippled "BASIC" of the NSpire. Unfortunately it appears that there is no way to get powerful programming that actually integrates with the calculator features like you can with the HP 28/48/49/50.

Thanks for the comments Eric. One Question: How is the alphabetic keyboard? My experience with the Touchpad was that the keys on the alphabetic keyboard was small and hard to press. For me, it got uncomfortable after typing notes for five minutes on the B&W Touchpad.

Edited: 24 May 2011, 1:35 a.m.

I haven't used the non-CX Nspire with either the original clickpad (with the tiny alpha keys between the "normal" keys) or the touchpad (with the alpha keys grouped at the bottom). I imagine that the CX alpha keys at the bottom are probably pretty similar to the touchpad. Thus far I've only used them for entering the occasional variable name, and they are fine for that, but I definitely wouldn't want to write a novel with it.

Compared to the B&W Touchpad, the keys on the CX are better to the touch. It does not hurt to type notes on it.