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Full Version: HP 10bii+ "soft" reset
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When I try to do a full clear memory and reset of calculator modes using the steps outlined on page 38 of the User Guide (hold down ON and press both N and PV buttons, then release) it doesn't come back with the All Clear message. What might I be missing or is this a bug?

Have you tried turning the calc off, pressing and holding N+PV and then turning it on with the ON key? Maybe the sequence is only checked at power on.

No but I just discovered that page 38 should have referenced the FV key and not the PV key. It's properly listed on page 164 under "Erasing the calculator's memory".

Oops. :-(

Internally though, just doing the C ALL does the same thing.


Edited: 13 May 2011, 2:33 a.m.