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Full Version: HP 49G Question
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Please, please can someone help me figure something out on the HP 49G. In what I study, I always have to convert units, and the HP has a huge units library, but I have no idea how to use it. Can someone help me out? An example maybe, like how to convert 17 inches to centimeters... Thanks alot.


Read Chapter6 of Advanced User Reference (AUR) first which you can get in HP's official site.

Since I also convert inch to milimeter and vise versa often, I created the following list in CST file for CUSTOM menu.

{ "in>mm" \<< '1_in' * '1_mm' CONVERT \>> } @ inch to milimeter
{ "mm>in" \<< '1_mm' * '1_in' CONVERT \>> } @ milimeter to inch
@ In your case, 'mm' should be 'cm'.

Store the above list as CST file in HOME directory and press L-Shift + CUSTOM. Then you will find your special menu for converting the above.

In another way to do, install UTOOL made by Carsten Dominik, which is very good unit tool.

I was just figuring this out today! On the 49G, in RPN mode (of course!) one does the following:
First enter: 17 <right-shift> <units> <leng> <in>
That places 17_in on level one of the stack.
Next: 1 <cm>
Finally: <right-shift> <units> <tools> <conve>
Leaving 43.18_cm in level 1.

I'm pretty new to the 49G so I am sure that there are more key-efficent ways of doing this.


I have converted units as discribed by Craig and in the user manual. It works, but, as far as I can tell it is not as good as HP48 for converting units on an ad hoc basis. On the 48 you type in the value then sellect the unit from the menu. To convert just use one of the shift keys (I think it is the right one, I do not have my 48 with me) and then select the unit you wish to convert to, which will be on the menu that is still displayed.
Why is the 49 not as slick or is there a better way of using it. Writing custom menu is ok for conversion you perform regularly, but, not suitable for one offs.

It will behave exactly like a 48 unit system if you set flag 117 I believe.(I know it can behave like a 48, I am just not positive this is the Flag)

Thanks Ron. I have set flag 117 and the HP49 behaves like a 48. Infact the "soft menu" option has made my 49 less cumbersome in many areas.

Thanks guys,
I actually have flag 117 set but was following the instructions from the Advanced user's guide, using soft keys instead of menus. I have verified that the key sequence to convert from one unit to another is <left-shift> <new-unit soft key> from the appropriate unit menu.