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Full Version: OT: New Commodore PC coming out
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Commodore USA is launching several old models with new OS (Linus) and good hardware specs (typical 4 GB RAM and 500GB to 1TB hard drive) at the end of the month. Looks like HP-15C is not the only vintage machine that has a nostalgia club!!

You can click here to visit the Commodore USA web site and look at the different models, configurations, and prices.


Edited: 11 May 2011, 12:44 p.m.

Even though the website says the new C-64 runs the old games/software, I didn't see the slot for the cartridges...


dona nobis pacem

There are some sweet memories coming up ....:-)

It's not cheap for a toy, but I like the OS running the HW underneath the Emulation (Linux)

Thanks for sharing this.


Commodore USA's goal is to provide modern Personal Computer hardware, unencumbered by the legacy constraints of classic hardware and software.

Cool. Another commodity PC in a funny looking box.

This is not "your" Commodore anymore:

Commodore USA, LLC, recently secured licensing rights to both the Commodore and AMIGA brands


Heise (in german)

Spiegel (w/ pictures of proto, in german)

Certainly expensive and not in production yet.