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Full Version: 16C Compat. #4 - LASTx
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While continuing to work through the 16C manual with the 34s, I found that a bunch of bit functions did not set LAST X as the 16C does:
LJ, ASR, RL, RR, RLC, RRC, SL, SR, RLC, RRC, MASKL, MASKR, SB and CB. Perhaps these really should set LAST X.


RLC and RRC are in the list twice :-) But the shifts and rotates didn't set lastX properly :-(

MASKL and MASKR don't modify the X register so they don't need to save lastX. They do push stack. Unlike the 16c we take the number of bits to mask as an argument to the command not from the stack. Our integer mode isn't identical to the 16c in this respect for quite a few commands.

LJ was just plain broken :-(

All the rest will be fixed with the next build.

- Pauli

All the rest will be fixed with the next build.

I've updated SVN with Pauli's changes.