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Full Version: Default switch settings for HP-87 HP-1B
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Does anyone here have the default switch settings for the HP-1B interface on the back on an HP-87? I have the manual from the HP Computer Museum, but the scan doesn't show the switches clearly. Setting the address is easy enough, but I don't know the default settings for the rest of the switches.

The manual 'Introduction to the HP-87', available, e.g., on hpmuseum.net (an amazing source for HP computer enthusiasts!) describes the settings and presets in detail, refer to page 46 et seq.

Hope it helps,

I have the manual-- the section you refer to is on page 20. Unfortunately the image of the switches isn't clear enough to discern their settings, and the text doesn't go into enough details.

Oh, page 46! Yeah, that's what I need. Thanks!