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Full Version: hp71b printer?
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Greetings to the hp faithfull. Just acquired an hp71b and would like to use a printer. The 71b came with a cable about 18 inches long that has a male and female end that appear to be like the ends of the hp-IL connections. Have an 82143A printer for the 41, any chance of connecting the two through use of?

No, you need the HPIL printer 82162A. Other HP-IL printers will work also.

The HP-71B did not come standard with an HP-IL interface. It was an option. Since you have the cable, you may have the interface, but it would pay to check for sure. Besides the 82162A, the HP-IL Thinkjet would also work, and probably be better, since it provides 80 columns of text. One cable won't be enough, though, so try to get a second cable when you buy a printer.