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Full Version: WP34s quadrature
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the manual says this works like the 15c, but i get no difference when changing (eg) FIX mode size. is there some way of specifying the accuracy - or am i doing something wrong.

right now, im getting really appalling results. 2 figures correct, for example.

There is no way to change the precision of the integration.

We're using a Gauss/Kronrod quadrature with a fixed number of points. It won't be terribly good for "difficult" functions.

- Pauli

The manual clearly says "the user interface is as in HP-15C." Nothing more.


We can add a more sophisticated approach as a user code routine. Any contributions are welcome.

If I am not mistaken, the SOLVE and INTEGRATE functions had Professor Kahan as it's mentor. Kahan's philosophy was to push the accuracy to the machine limits and not by a user-defined value.

The HP-15C Advanced Functions Handbook has a section "Accuracy of the Function to be Integrated" that specifies the accuracy of the integral, which is basically the accuracy of the function you are integrating. This tells me that if you are integrating a function using an empirical approximation, then expect more error in the integral.


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