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Full Version: Does anyone have a copy of this keyset font PDF from Luiz?
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He had put it here:


But that link is no longer active.

He describes it here in this museum thread from 6 years ago:

Luiz PDF for fonts

Is this file - luizfonts.zip - including what's you're looking for?

Yes, that had it. Thank you.

Now my question is ...

the way the font works, you type (SIN) ad it will create a key looking symbol for the sine key.

But... if you try to color that key, the text and outer symbol will be colored if you change the text color.

What if you wanted to have SIN be in white and all the area inside the key symbol to be the color? How do you do that?

Luiz says "using the native functions of your word processor" but I haven't figured that out yet.

So...anyone want to try it and tell me?

It is using the Keyset 4 ttf font in Luiz's file.

Luiz says "using the native functions of your word processor" but I haven't figured that out yet.

I do not know which word processor you use, but here's the way this can be accomplished with MS Word (at least with my good old Word 2000 ;-)).

Select the text for which you want to set color (here: mark the word "(sin)" including the parentheses). The background color is set in the Format menu, using the command for drawing frames and boxes around text, applying background shading and colors. In my German version it's called "Rahmen und Schattierung". In one of the tabs you can select your preferred color. There also should be an option that allows coloring only the selected text (as required here) or the whole paragraph. Then, in a second step, choose the font color as usual.

Please note that the background color fills the whole space taken by the character. So the color will also be applied to a little space outside of the surrounding parentheses. That's not nice but that's all an ordinary word processor can do. ;-)


The PDF shown below from Luiz shows key symbols nicely filled in, which nothing going outside the symbols.

The 34s manual looks the same.

The Word approach Dieter has suggested is very close, but not as nice as these two documents.

How do you get the very nice symbols?

How to use Keyset 4 PDF link

?!? - the method described for Word gives the same results as those in the PDF. Look at the example with the Enter-key. That's white letters on black background. This black background also appears slighty out of the white line that surrounds the letters. Above and below with any character entered, and left and right as the parentheses are added. That's exactly the way it looks here in Word. Maybe you can make a screenshot and post it here. ;-)

If you look at the first line ("1) Creating an arbitrary key lettering"): that's black letters on white background. Which is not visible if white paper is used. :-D And the "specific symbols" in the second paragraph already have their own surrounding line. Here you just set the font color.


I have now seen how to make the "inverse" color things I needed. A bit dense today.

Thank you!