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Full Version: HP41 Blinky or Red Eye
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Hello emulators and simulators!

Anybody here who may shed some light on the internals of the HP41 Infrared Printer Module? I am still not able to use it in an emulator or simulator. TIA.


I looked at it a few years ago. It seems like the ASIC in it has *lots* of registers or flags. I didn't make much progress.

Same with me, every 4th year I take half an hour and give up. But perhaps I should try harder and keep going deeper into it. With no knowledge about the internals the only chance is to do some tests with real hard ware, not to analyze only the trace of an incomplete emulator/simulator.

Wonder who will be first with a solution.


I doubt that anyone but us emulation writers care about it; "normal" users are probably perfectly satisfied with 82143A and 82162A emulation. The 82242A doesn't really bring that much more to the table.

Correct, it is an emulator programmer who reminded me lately about this unexplored field. Well, there remains some white space on the map, at least for the HP-41. <VBG>

so many "secrets" lost in the sands of time... this just another one.


Well, in this case it is not too much a pitty. As Eric sayed, 'it will not bring that much to the table' because there are 82143A and 82162A emulators. But for me its just an interest of comparing technology: has Blinky it's own clock or is the IR signal triggert with timers of the HP-41?

BTW, is there an graphing printer ermulator I may attach to the V-41?