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Full Version: The legend lives on: Two new 41 Modules announced
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Joining forces with Jean-Marc Baillard, two new 8k Power-Math modules are being released in a few days, as follows:

1. The BESSEL ROM, a compendium of MCODE functions and FOCAL programs to calculate Bessel, Gamma, and other Bessel-Type functions. Real and Complex variables, Integro-differeciation, Spherical, Asymptotic expansion... just to name a few. Includes an all-new Reiman's Zeta using the Borwein algorithm for real and complex variables, don't miss that!

2. The (ultimate) Polynomial ROM, a collection of utilities and programs for Polynomial analysis - Roots, Interpolation, Factorization... both real and complex variables. Don't miss the new LIST capability to introduced the coefficients as list elements using Alpha and dedicated MCODE functions.

Rounding off the final touches - will be coming soon at a TOS near you, the legend lives on.


Jean-Marc is an exceptional mathematician/programmer. He has written advanced calculus applications for the HP-41C that I thought to be beyond the 41's reach!! His skills to push the calculator programming to the limit remind of those the late Swiss professor Peter Henrici had for the HP-25C and HP-33C.

Since the 41C is very dear to me, Jean-Marc's new modules for that machine is a true joy to have. It's like Christmas in spring!

Thank you Angel for sharing and thank you Jean-Marc for developing these new modules. I hope you can attend HHC 2011 so many folks, like myself, could meet you in person!!!


Very nice.

And so compact.

- Pauli

I gree with your assessment Namir. In this case it's a 50-50 cooperation between the both of us, so hopefully you've got the "best of both styles".

These modules comprise the best of the SandMath, 41Z, JMB_Math and JMB_Matrix - for the subjects they're concerned with, of course. That plus a few new tricks to round it all off nicely, if I'm allowed to say.

BTW I neglected to mention that the MCODE functions use the 13-digit accuracy wherever possible - and it sure makes a difference.


It is truly a joy to be the audience to gurus like you two. I thrive in acquiring new knowledge, and people like you make it easy for me to thrive.


When it comes to complex math on the HP-41C you are the "Hercules" of this aspect.

I am really looking forward to downloading these modules.


Well, let's put it this way: no project is good without users - so you also make it happen!

I didn’t realise that new modules were still being developed for the ’41.

Do you have a link for these? I wasn’t sure what TOS is.

Steve, FYI, TOS (The Other Site) is a site like this museum but with hp41 standing where hpmuseum is written here. It must not be mentioned explicitely here for reasons way back in history [;-)

HTH, Walter

Edited: 17 Apr 2011, 4:16 p.m.

Hi Namir,

Thank you for your compliments !

While these programs will be so appreciated,

why would we stop ?

Best wishes,


The modules will be posted shortly. In the mean time I'd encourage you to peruse Jean-Marc's excellent (and comprehensive) web pages, at: http://hp41programs.yolasite.com/

You can spend a couple of life-times going through all his material, well worth repeated visits!

The modules are already available at TOS - enjoy!

PS. You don't want to miss QPOL: introducing the polynomial coeffs on a LIST as string elements, then watch ANUMDEL in action...