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Full Version: 50g won't plot summation function, but emulator will.
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This one is drivng me a bit nuts. when I try to plot this sigma function on my 50G,:

E(X=1,X,X^2) from 1 to 5 I get a "sigma error: bad argument type" returned.

Plotting the identical function on my 50G emulator gives me the correct graph.

I've checked all flag settings, CAS settings, and even the PPAR variables between the emulator and the real calc to be sure they are the same, to no avail.

The fact that the sigma (summation) function is accepted into the equation field of the plot setop window would seem to indicate it's a valid plot function (and indeed it is so on the emulator).

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Hal

I got an error with E(x=1,x,x^2) but I was able to plot E(t=1,x,t^2).

But it only evaluate at the integers

Thanks very much, Norman.

That did the trick. I realize now that x is the independant variable for the plot function, but t (or any variable other than the plot independant variable) serves as the independant variable for the sigma function.

Best regards, Hal