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Full Version: Funstuff roms and the 41CL ... questions?
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Angel's funstuff thread

At the thread above, Angel Martin lays out his very nice game ROM images and their contents.

The Funstuff (volume 2) says that it is a 16K rom. When used with the 41CL (or NoVRAM for that matter), that will take up two logical ports, correct? Port 1 and 2, for example. Top and bottom of 1 and top and bottom of 2.

The Adventure ROM (volume 3) says it is 24K. that means it takes up three ports, correct?

I'm asking because if so, that means we'll need to pass along a correction to Monte and his manual. he indicates modules that take a full port, but does not have any notations about things like the FUNS rom, which would take TWO ports.

Am I thinking properly? If not, wouldn't be the first time. :-)

Adventure 1 is 16k and needs to be plugged into Port 1.

Adventure 2 is 12k and needs to be plugged into Port 3.

Funstuff is 16k and needs to be plugged into Port 1 or 3.

The PLUG functions only enforce the odd-numbered Port restriction,
so the user will have to PLUG in the Adventure ROMs correctly.

I will have to update the documentation for the Funstuff ROM.


Hi Gene, you're right but I prepared a "CL-ready" version of the Adventure module, splitting it in two separate images as Monte details in his response.

As a side question; Include the NOV CHAP in the CL list of images?

The cutoff date for inclusion was at the end of January. So no, it was not included.

So... the 16K in 1 or 3 is because when plugged into 1, it takes up 1 and 2, correct?

Need more coffee today.