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Full Version: Overclocking the HP 49G
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There seems to be a lot of a fuzz about whether or not the hp 49G can be overclocked, has anyone actually achieved this or know of a way to do it?
I do not mind replacing components in my calculator or the increased power consumption.
Will a capacitor replacement do the trick as on the TI83 or perhaps a new clock crystal?
Any suggestions or experiences?

look at the www.cynox.de page ..
it seems to be doable


Achievable, yes, but how do you do it yourself?
My best bet is that it will be considerably cheaper to purchase the components at the local radio shack and solder it all together yourself.
I do not know, however, what parts will be necessary, and what to do.

I don't know what parts are required, or how to open a 49 (or close it up properly afterward!) but 15 or 20 Euros sounds like a bargain! To get it done right. Of course, then there is the shipping cost.

Speeding it up is probably very easy, changing a cap or maybe a crystal. Providing for switching between fast and regular speed - without short clock cycles that might require a reset - introduces electrical, logical and mechanical complications that make 15 or 20 Euros sound like a bargain