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Full Version: not bashing an ebay seller
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First; i have nothing to do with posting these auctions nor do i know who is doing them.

There is someone selling 5 non-hp-RPN calculators on ebay right now. He clearly knows what they are but instead of starting the bidding out at $250 he priced each of them at .99 to start and is letting them float. I bid on the Harvard myself and there are 4 rare scientifics there that i already have. I think that everyone needs at least one non-hp RPN.


he is indeed a virtuous man - though it is a shame he's only shipping to US addresses.

not bashing = praising (??)

I like this kind of starting prices .... he may end up doing very well!!



I saw those listings too. He also has a very nice HP-19c starting at $199.99, which is extremely reasonable for that unit. Too bad the Prinztronic is apparently kaput, since I don't have one.

Meanwhile, I continue to sell off my excess HP RPN calcs, while continuing to acquire more non-HP RPN calcs to the point where the non-HP RPN calcs now represent more than 1/4 of the total of RPN calcs in the collection. I've managed to cut down to the point where the total number of working calculators is an even 100, although some of those have serious functional issues such as bad keyboards, displays etc.

Edited: 28 Mar 2011, 11:18 a.m.

Sometimes, when I'm selling part of my collection, I am just glad to rid myself of the stuff...

Well, now that the auction is over, I can happily announce that I am the proud owner of two more non-HP RPN calcs, my second APF Mark 55 and first Prinztronic Program (same chipset as the Novus 4515 Mathematician PR). The Prinztronic was advertised as not working, but it turned out to be nothing more than a bad ON (power) switch. I simply cut the wires connected to the switch terminals inside the calc and spliced them together, and operate the calc using an AC adapter instead of AA cells. In stark contrast to the tiny mushy keyboard buttons on the Novus, the Prinztronic has nice clicky buttons.