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Before creating a calculator blog, I looked in Google for others. I only found this one:


Do you know about others?

I finally created mine:

My Calculator blog

It does not reach the mathematical heights of this forum - but at the end (if we're honest to ourselves) it is about the hardware...

(disclaimer: it is in a shop, but you can still read the blog for free!)

An interesting blog (and shop!). There are some exciting teasers in the blog. I'm fascinated by the new HP calculators, one of which

...will likely sell in the millions (not hundreds of thousands - millions!)

and one which
...will be a limited run of 10000 units - and that's all.

I don't suppose that you'd like to give any further clues? Perhaps your comment at the end of the "HP-50g vs HP-15c" article is a hint?

Anyway, I shall be looking at your blog regularly to see what else appears!

Nigel (UK)

I wonder if you're suggesting that Jose's blog is hinting of a new scientific calculator the size of a 15c but with the capabilities of the 50g? ;-)

It would be nice if more clues were released for us to feed on.

Hi, Jim, Nigel,

I have very few details on the "big runner" of the 2 calculators.

I have some more info on the 10.000 uds. model, but I still don't have a protoype in my hands to give an informed opinion.

The blog just shows my personal preferences (with my limited knowledge). I do think that the HP 50g is a substantial improvement over the HP48g family in screen, speed, and software. Not better in keyboard quality, but not bad either. I do think as well that the colour scheme is better than on the 48g/gx (not than 48sx).

As for the 15c, it is a little lovely calculator. It does everything I need on a daily basis, and I can program it with my eyes closed. I like the HP42s and I can admit that is a better overall calculator, but I don't "love" it.

Yesterday I had a nice surprise with the 30b. Good all-rounder for business, and good keyboard. Extremely fast. There is future!

I have two 30b, on one of them, the "9" key feels mushy. :-(

I do agree with you that the graphing + scientific calculator combo can work quite well.

If it feels mushy or problematic, contact HP for warranty service.