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Full Version: Pi Day Rematch: Apple II vs. HP-41C
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Some retro fun on Pi Day: http://jerkwerks.com/?p=378

I'm insulted!

The HP 41c cannot be allowed to lose! :-)

I figure that Monte's 41CL in 50X turbo mode would help things out.

The article states:


"HP-41C cries foul!

If you could only use what came in the box with your Apple II or HP-41C, then what would be the results? Fortunately the Apple II mini-assembler is in the box.

In 1982 Glen Bredon wrote an APPLE PI program in assembly that blows the battery door off the 41C with a time of 194 seconds. Game over! The Apple II wins again. My 1496 second FORTH version doesn't hold an LED to assembly. If you are looking for Glen's program, it is packaged with the Merlin Assembler.

HP-41C Machine Language

To be thorough I asked a friend of mine to compute Pi on the 41C with a 100% machine language (ML) program. He came back with 5 hours, 9 minutes. No question, the Apple II is king."


Gene: I have trouble thinking that a machine language PI program would take 5 hours if a user code program takes 8 hours. That must be a somewhat poor ML program, I would think.

Anyone wish to help put the Apple II in its place? :-)

Anyone wish to help put the Apple II in its place? :-)

Tau day (6.28) and the other Pi day (22/7) are coming up. Perhaps you can make that a goal.