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Full Version: Another Day Dreamer on TAS
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This HP-15C auction on TAS is asking a lot of bacon for an HP-15C whose LCD has a serious black area and which will most likely need a lot of TLC. Also missing the the HP logo.

What a catch! ......................... NOT!!!


Edited: 12 Mar 2011, 9:13 p.m.

According to the seller:

"The HP Logo in present but the shinney chrom color has faded."

I bought a Sharp with this defect, for a few bucks. Within a year, the machine was unusable and all black. If anyone wants it for parts...

we shall have to see what the reserve is when the auction finishes. the seller might well have no understanding of the technicalities of the compromised display, so might be forgiven the high buy-now price.

HOWEVER, also remember that the calculator would be a prime candidate for a display transplant from a donor 12C. the rest of the machine (case, keyboard, bezel) does appear at first glance to be in fair condition. so with a transplanted display it could indeed be a bargain at the right price.

rob :-)

what is the model?

It's an HP-15C.


Thanks for your informative comments. This way I know that a bad 15C display can easily be fixed. Since I am not a hardware guy, I don't know which parts of various calculator models are interchangeable.


i kinda meant which model of SHARP does bill have with a broken display!! i'm pretty sure it won't be a sharp-15c :-)

Perhaps Sharp should shock HP (and US) and come out with a 15C ... and sell a ton on the market. I bet the Sharp 15C would have RPN and BASIC as ways to program the machine.

Wouldn't that be something?

Anyone can assemble an image for the Sharp 15C???



Edited: 13 Mar 2011, 10:47 a.m.

But not at the BIN price...

I bet the Sharp 15C would have RPN and BASIC as ways to program the machine.

And would it have all that great HP-15C alphanumeric display capability too? :-)

Why not? If it has BASIC with alphanumeric capabilities, then there should be no problem tapping into that!!

It's a very very very tall order!



Of course not!!!!

I would not trust this seller.

A couple of years back I noticed that a few HP-16C he had listed all had the same photos, clearly implying that he was using the same photos of *one* of his calculators for all his others.

When I questioned him about it, he implied that because they were all the same in his opinion, there was no need to post actual photos of the item. That's even though the implication (sometimes explicit) in each listing is that the photos are of the actual item for sale. I noticed the same thing again and again on subsequent listings.

He is obviously still doing it, as witness the comments in neutral feedback he got recently.

So I wouldn't even trust that the HP-15C in the photos is the one he is actually selling in this auction. Assuming it is (and even if it isn't) it also looks like an HP-15C I saw doing the rounds on TAS last year...Recycling is good ;-)

Having said all that, the seller has "top-rated seller" status, so despite his deceptions (whether intentional or just through not caring), he must be doing something right.