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Full Version: 12c+ vs 12cp
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Hi all,

Are the guts between 12c+ and 12cp same, if both of them have the wide battery door?

I bought a 12cp recently for repurposing, but I don't see the test points for programming. The holes were covered with a thin plastic tape.

It makes me think either 12cp is different hw design or hp changed 12c plastics to prevent repurposing.

I am thinking of buying the 12c+ , but I want to make sure I can reprogram it.


They're different. See this thread for more information.

Thanks. It is clear now.

This may be a bit off-topic, but I'm wondering... I too have one of the new, 2-battery 12Cs. I've read about the loop speed tests, specifically this one:

01 +
02 GTO 01

and I've seen results (after 60 seconds of the loop) of about 30,000 and about 45,000, in this post.

My 12C, after 60 seconds of the same test, shows 76,000. Why all this difference? Is HP constantly changing chips/frequencies??


The latest firmware in the 12c+ has more efficient emulator code in it that runs 2.5 times faster than the first version of the firmware. It's 150 times faster than the original 12C.

Read more about this here.


Thank you Katie. I wish I was better at finding old posts in the forum... I searched for "12C speed" but I didn't find that post!


I don't know how you did your searching but the best way is to use google. In this case something like: "site:hpmuseum.org 12c+ speed" returns a lot about it.

I sometimes remember the person who posted what I'm looking for and add this to my search criteria, this really narrows things down. Of course this requires that you read this forum regularly and are familiar with individual's areas of interest and expertise.

On the other hand.... I don't think that most of the people here at all mind responding to questions that have come up before. It's a very friendly group and we all need help finding information on occasion.


Adding "Katie" to the search criteria is always a good idea. :)

"Cyrille" and "Tim" are equally good search candidates...