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Full Version: Finally an HP-02?
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Actually, Cricket (the HP-01) had two successors which were the HP-02 and HP-03. The HP-02 had more functions; the HP-03 had a liquid crystal display. Unfortunately, the lack of success of the HP-01 caused the cancellation of the other two before they reached production. Sigh.

Now if only I could remember the latter two code names! Firefly comes to mind for the '03 but I could be very wrong there.

Jim (Still enjoy my '01)

Well, this guy showed a watch. I didn't see anything special. Pure marketing IMHO :-( unless I missed something important.


Apparently it is called meta-watch.

I think this is dubious. They want the "integration point" of all your gadgets to live on your wrist. Naturally they are dreaming of displacing smart phones or pads in that role. But the "integration point" is the cloud. All your data is aggregated there, accessible from any device you choose to employ. If Google and others have their way, that's where apps will live too. The point is, a wristwatch is a horrible platform for running apps, whether web based or local. the display is too small for even something as simple as a phone book, let alone a web browser or a game.

The watch is definitely not suitable for normal apps, but there are some specialized ones I'd like to run on a watch. There have been a few choices for that:

I have a 6th gen iPod Nano (multitouch) in a LunaTik watchband, and this would be a great platform for small apps, but Apple doesn't offer an SDK for it. :-(

The inPulse comes closest to what I want, though the display size and resolution are not anywhere near as close to the iPod Nano.

However, I suspect that what HP is trying to push here isn't so much running apps on the watch, as storing data in it for use with all of your other computing devices, as opposed to storing data in the cloud, or on memory cards/sticks. If you wear your watch all the time, it seems like that would be very convenient.

If you wear your watch all the time, it seems like that would be very convenient.

I get the impression that the younger generation no longer wears watches - they've already switched to their cell phone for the time.

I have a Timex Ironman Datalink,
I put it in the drawer after 8 or more years, the main plastic button has broken off along with most of the plastic bezel. It was less accurate than my previous Timex and probably my "current" Timex (Expedition w/flux gate compass) as well. The Datalink might only work with CRT's I never tried it with an LCD screen. The data space on the Datalink was under whelming.


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