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Full Version: HP-41CV Display
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I just got a CV that seems to be acting funny.

When I first put the batteries in, it didn't seem to come on unless I would reset [on] <=.

Then after repeatedly pressing on it now seems to be alive.

What would cause the display to light up 1/2 a second after pressing on? Is this normal? The CX I have doesn't seem to have this lag.

Also, as I ever so slightly press the on-user-prgm-alpha buttons, the LCD will fade in and out.

Hi there,

I'll assume this is a Coconut, as the symptoms are quite likely to come from a bad CPU to keyboard connection: contact strip failure or broken post are common sources for this sort of (somehow) weird behaviors.

Hope this helps.


Edited: 2 Mar 2011, 2:41 a.m.