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Full Version: Repairing an HP33E with springs
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Dear all,

I have had this 33E in a drawer for a while, with the usual corrosion problem.
It also had some keyboard problems, and it
was purchased mainly to use the battery cover.

However, I wanted to give a try to an old idea.

I'll not write too much text, but I'm posting the sequence of images that led me to be able to use a battery pack again.
I hope is going to be of help for anyone that has a similar problem.

Any suggestion, any comment,always welcomed !!

Enjoy the weekend, Alberto

Picture 1 - insertion of the springs, after the corroded parts have been removed

Picture 2 - view from behind, also a trace is missing, so that the cable will be soldered very close to the point where the external power supply goes

Picture 3 - springs soldered, and cutted on the back side

Picture 4 and 5 - pcb in place from diffeten views

Picture 6 - it works, in reality not all the keys are working, and since the power pcb is a slightly different version, there is no way to turn the unit off

Picture 7 and 8 - unit closed, it looks nice

et voila, with the battery in place

Credits must be given to a on old post that was showing how to connect the power supply pcb to the pcb holding the battery terminals.