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Full Version: Windows 7 and HP 48GX
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i try to connect the HP48GX to the connetivity kit HP48g,49g,50g series.
But my computer give the message "calculator not connected, check cable"
i installed the USB-seriell Adaptor driver. No results.
Maybe somebody knows how to solve this problem..

Kind regards Nico.

Hello. Even with XP it seems not possible to link an HP-48 to a PC. But it might work with W2000 or 98 (nevertheless I never tried). Good luck!

XP is no problem at all.

I wonder if running the Win7 in XP mode will work?

Thanks for answering my question.
I will try to start my pc in XP,
First i will find out how i have to do that. ;-)
If it works i let you know, otherwis i will install win98.


Even in Vista it's no problem to connect an HP-48GX using an USB-Serial converter, like the Sitecom CN-116 , so it should also work with 7.



Though I solely use XP I'd nevertheless like to share my experience.

I use a Digitus USB-To-Serial Adapter plugged into one of my USB ports and Conn4X as interface software. Works like a charm for me...


Thanks for the tips and tricks.

Kind regards,


Edited: 25 Feb 2011, 2:23 p.m.

Just to tell you XP never worked with my 48S.

Because it's a French XP?

Very good posibele, i had the same problems with a printer once.
I changed the language and it was fixed.

Edited: 27 Feb 2011, 5:45 a.m.

Bill, my 48G and 48G+ both used to be able to communicate to my PC, the same PC. That was over a year or so ago. A couple of days ago, I wanted to transfer some files to both of these calcs and no connectivity program seems to recognize either 48G. I do not believe anything in the PC has radically changed, but hp48 Explorer, which did work then did not work a couple of days ago.

I wonder if the incessant MS updating of Windows has changed it beyond being able to detect the old 48 series calcs.

For what it's worth: Just yesterday I wanted to transfer some stuff between my PC and my HP-48G. The PC in question is a laptop I got a couple of years ago and installed Windows XP on, and which I keep up to date religiously, but never used with my 48G yet.

I downloaded HPComm 3.04 from hpcalc.org, and downloaded the latest driver for my Sitecom USB/Serial interface. Everything worked like a charm.

If you're using Windows 7 (or Vista), and if you're using the Sitecom USB/Serial interface, you'll probably have to get the latest driver from Sitecom. They do have one specifically for Vista; it's a beta, apparently, but it may work where the older driver did not.

Thomas, no, I'm still on WinXP. And I am using a serial-to-USB interface, but it's, I believe, a "no-name" brand cable, which I do not believe came with any software.

What is different about the Sitecom interface?

Ed, Device Manager will tell you about the USB ids (manufacturer and device) of your USB/RS232 converter. From that ID you can start a Google search for the manufacturer and look for an updated driver.