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Full Version: Searching within forum archives
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Let me start out asking whether what I'm asking below has been asked before and if so where? So, I'm sorry to ask this but ...

1) Is it possible to search across more than one archive at a time?

[I don't see an obvious way to do this so I've been entering each archive and repeating my search.]

2) Is it possible to search for a phrase surrounded by quotations or perhaps another character?

[When I've tried this using quotations it will return the words I've used within my phrase but they are each word is separated by comma under the heading, "Containing Any of the Keywords:". Should I use "All" instead of "Any" within the option, "Only messages containing * of the following keywords:", if often won't return any results.]

3) Can I perform a search using boolean expressions?

[I'm probably pushing my luck even asking this. ;-) ]

You can use Google's advanced search feature. Enter "hpmuseum.org" in the "Search within a site or domain" box.

IIRC correctly this topic comes up sometimes;-)

The search function is somewhat limited, but you could try google,

which also finds archived articles.



My favorite: Buy a copy of the Museum DVD , copy it to your computer's hard drive and use Google Desktop to search the archives.

Since many of the PDF files are (thankfully) OCR'd now, you will get both the Archives and Manual hits in the search returns.

For a nominal cost There are three benefits to this approach:
1) You get the manuals on PDF (thousands of dollars of printed manuals)
2) You support this site
3) You can search other files on your machine in parallel.

Very good idea. Been thinking of doing that anyways.

Good idea. Thanks.

The DVD is worth the $$ for sure. If you're thinking of installing Google Desktop, read their data privacy statements first. They may change your mind ...

Thanks for the advise. I would never install that desktop nor any other desktop utility. No, I just meant about meaning to purchase the DVD set. ;-)

The idea gets even better since it does not require Google's "Advanced Search" page. All you need is an additional "site:hpmuseum.org" in the usual search window. This limits the search to the specified site. So, searching for HP67-related topcis is as simple as entering HP-67 site:hpmuseum org. Try it by clicking

There are lots of other useful options like this. Some of them can be found at the Google support site and much even more interesting stuff at the Google helpcenter.



into a blank space type again: site:www.hpmuseum.org YOUR SEARCH
example: www.hpmuseum.org HP-41CY

these is the way i learned
Nelson Dinamarco