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Full Version: Backing up several HP48G/G+/GX via HP50
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I have a number of HP48 family machines that I need to backup to a PC/text files. All of the code is user RPL.

Connecting each of these HP48s to a PC and running Connectivity software has proven to be very tedious, error prone and downloading the xserver to each 48 (again) is tedious and timeconsuming.

I was thinking of using my HP50G to capture the IR output of each of the HP48 machines and storing it in a unique dir/folder on the SD card on the HP50. This would then allow the folders to be easily copied to a PC.

Any comments?
Is this practical/possible?
I have little experience with the IR on the HP50.
Has anyone experience with something like this?

Thanks in advance,

IR is not IrDA. You have to go through the PC using a serial.



Thanks! (that was quick!)

(I was thinking/hoping that as the 50G can 'drive' a 82240 printer that it could receive HP SIR.)



You could of course use a standard 48-serial cable (4 to 9 pin) and then purchase the rs 232 cable for the 50g (Eric Rehlin at hpcalc.org -> his commerce site). Connect the two calculators,transfer and save it to the SD card.

I do not remember all the details, but I was able to do all of above in december 2009.


You don't actually need to use serial to go to the 50g. The standard USB works fine.

Bascially, once you get the useRPL programs onto the PC in ASC format, it is pretty easy to get to the 50 at that point.