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Full Version: HP 17B ==> 17BII
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Too bad HP didn't make the INPUT key double as ENTER, instead of the = key. Then the 17BII would be interface-compatible with the other Pioneer RPN calculators.

I guess I am a few years late on this comment.

Are you sure? I know that on the 17bII+, the input key does act as an enter key. It won't do it in certain menus and functions, however... In those particular cases - yes, you do have to use the = key.


INPUT = ENTER in RPN mode on the 17bii.

From my understanding and experience, when you are in menus and functions, there is no difference between modes.

I don't have a 17bii. I just surmised by looking at the photo which shows Enter under =. I would love to be told that the Input key will work exactly like an Enter key.

Yeah, there are a few cases, like when inputting numbers into lists that you need to use the = key as a substitute for Enter to do calculations. In the list mode, the input key actually inputs the number into the list. The 30b works the same exact way.


The Input key will work exactly like an Enter key.


OK, I found an online copy of the manual, and it states (on pg. 252):

Except in CFLO and SUM lists, the [INPUT] key also performs the [ENTER] function ...

Sorry for the interruption of your thoughts.