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Full Version: Trying to contact Luiz C. Vieira
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Anyone has a new email for Luiz?

Try linux_lcv@yahoo.com.br
I've been talking to him yesterday on the telephone.


Jose, can you please edit your post so the the address cannot be easily picked up by a spam bot? It's bad practice to make other people's e-mail publicly visible.

Thanks Jose. I guess you can probably delete the email now. I got it.

That's not really true anymore. I get as much spam on my email addresses that have never been posted publicly as I get on ones that have been posted publicly many times.

It seems to me that the biggest source of email addresses for spammers is viruses. All you have to do is email somebody, and if they have a virus, that virus captures your email address from their inbox and sends it to spammers.

There's really little point in protecting email addresses now, because the spammers have gotten so good. Just find a good spam filter (Gmail works great for me).

That's very correct Eric. My Provider has also partnered with Gmail, and I hardly ever see any spam in my inbox.

Because people keeps on using Outlook :(