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Full Version: HP 48GX Interface Cable Dilemma
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Hi, I'm just beginning to expand my calculator collection. I recently purchased an HP 48GX Expandable Graphing Calculator and I need advice. I want to be able to connect my HP 48GX to my computer (so I can download games and applications), and I found the appropriate Serial Interface Cable online. After looking at pictures of the cable, I noticed that the end of the cable that connects to the computer is that 9-hole end thing (I don't really know the correct terminologies so forgive me). The port-thing in my computer that comes close to resembling it has 15 holes. What should I do? Is there an intermediary adapter thing that would connect the 9-hole end of the Serial Interface Cable to the 15-hole port-thing in my computer? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


The 15-pin connector on your computer is analog video, no relation to serial port. Latest computers do not have a legacy type serial port.

What you need is a USB-to serial adapter. You can find one anywhere computer peripherals are sold. May take some tweaking to get the 48gx and the computer to "talk" to each other, but it can be done.

The name for the "9-hole end thing" is a 9-pin D-sub connector. They are of course male and female. You want a male 9-pin D-sub to USB adapter. Take your cable with you to avoid confusion on the gender.

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Oh, thank you, thank you, sir. Your response is beyond helpful! I'll order the Serial Interface Cable right now online and when it arrives I'll immediately buy the male 9-pin D-sub to USB adapter. Thank you, again, Mr. Pinckney, I really appreciate it.

You're welcome.

You probably know that you will need Windows software to transfer files back and forth between the computer and calculator. Some vendors for the cables include the software with it, but if not a couple of different programs are available for free download.

You will probably want to come back here for help once you get all the components for the connection.

Would a Windows 7 platform work?

Yes, I definitely would be back here in the future when I get all the connection components...

Would a Windows 7 platform work?

Well, I can't say for sure. I successfully used HP48 Explorer with XP. I have since upgraded to 7, but I don't have my 48 or my USB-Serial adapter with me right now, so I will have to check later. Unless somebody else chimes in.