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Full Version: Green LED HP 45 revisited
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Ended much less than I would have guessed, at $1275.

I hope someone captures the Seller's story and images and posts them to the Memories or Artcles forums. It would be a shame to lose this small gem of history.

There was only one serious bidder. It takes at least two to get the price up. For all we know, the winning bidder offered much more. Last year there was a very clean an complete HP 81 up for auction on TAS. They are very rare and it's one of the very few vintage calcs missing in my collection. Still, I am not willing to pay a lot for a business model and already own an HP 46, so my bid was modest, as were all the competing bids. Late in the auction with only seconds to go a bid came in from Europe, and it sold for a little over $300. No doubt the actual bid was much higher, but we'll never know. OTOH, the next time a complete non-fake HP 35 Red Dot shows up on TAS, I think we'll see a lot higher price, becasue there are more people willing to pay for such an item.

I did email Dave Hicks about the auction, and would not be surprised if other forum members did the same.

I also publicly (via the forum) asked the seller to send pictures to the museum.

No reply in either case, though.

Sorry, didn't get a mail ;)
Please let's wait untill the unit has reached it's new owner.

I know the name of the winning bidder! He's an european collector, perhaps the bigger. Stop.


...it's new owner.

You, I assume?

Congratulation Matthias. Gives me a reason to visit you next time I am in your country!



You're welcome


I call it like Homer Simpson: "I'm not BIG, I'm just a bit to small for my weight"

Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch, Matthias!

You'll tell us more about your new gem as soon as it has arrived, wont you?