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Full Version: Font for HP-25 "Continuous Memory" logo
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I'm putting the finishing touches on my iPhone HP-25 simulator. The App preserves state so it's really a "continuous memory" variant. On the face of the real device the words Continuos Memory are written in some script font, which I cannot determine / duplicate .. the closest I have come up with is Snell Roundhand. Does anyone know of the actual font HP used, or maybe a better approximation?

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There are web sites that purport to identify fonts. (I say "purport" because on one or two tries, they haven't been very succesful for me.)

That said, do a google/yahoo search on font identification. Some, like this one work from an image example. If you can get an image to submit, you might try it.

What will they think of next? It never occurred to me that a web site might identify the font, thank you for the idea and link. So far no luck with machine identification, mostly because - I assume - it's a script font and not separate characters. I'll keep trying, though, thanks.

This may sound weird and unrespectful for the venerable HP-25C but, just as a humble opinion, I suggest to avoid that fancy calligraphic "Continuous Memory" badge; or at least make an option to display it or not. It is reasonable that, at those old times, HP needed to stress this new feature that much, and to so devise that exaggerated statement. I would had preferred that they just put the 25C mark in the traditional, sober label, and let the knowing people tell the difference.

By the way, I would also prefer that HP doesn't use faceplate space on the current calculators with labels as "Scientific Calculator", "Business Calculator", and so. I understand the need to put such legends on the box or blister; but I cannot think of a valid reason to have it all the time on the device face.

Just an opinion, and I know it goes against historic accuracy. See you soon at the App Store, my iPod Touch 4G already has a lot of HP calc simulators, but there is always room for one more; and the HP-25 was my first, unforgettable, HP calculator.

Best regards

Edited: 23 Jan 2011, 4:24 p.m.