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Full Version: Re: HP-67 advice needed
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Thanks Randy,

I have printed out everything, and I'll do some more tests

I'll keep posted the results here

again, thank you very much, Alberto

You may consider re-drawing the board and getting it made. You went to the trouble of removing all the components. You can even get it gold-plated like in the old days :)

It's not a bad idea, actually I'm in touch with someone for making
a replica of an HP65 card reader pcb, but it's more
complicated that we can imagine.

Not because of the complexity of the layout, but because of the thickness
which is a not a common format nowadays.

The price is about 45 € for the master, and 10/15 € each unit produced.
Price could slightly increase for the master since the shape is not a regular rectangle.
Should this work (the guy is based in Sicily and I live in Milano, so logistic is slow and complex) it could be worth doing this for an HP67 logic PCB.

Thanks for suggestion, take care Alberto


The people at bilex-lp.com (I'm not affiliated with them) make also 0.5 mm pcbs and 0.8 mm too. The prices are very similar.