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Full Version: HP 9114B Battery
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Where can I find one of these Batteries? Panasonic Lead-Acid Battery LCR-226P. I believe that the HP number is HP88014A. Panasonic does not offer this exact battery on thier Web Site. Any ideas?

Matter of fact, I just went through this myself. The drive will *not* run or pass the self test on the charger alone, without a good battery. The best (only) replacement I have found so far is from Batteries Plus (www.batteriesplus.com). Their Hawker Sealed-Lead Cell 0810-0102 works for a replacement. Note: this is just the battery replacement, not the whole battery pack. You have to open up the old battery pack, (you need a #T9 torx screwdriver), and replace the battery inside. It's just a teeny bit thicker and the plastic case bulges slightly with this battery but it still works. You have to solder an extension on the negative lead to reach the terminal. It cost me $26 at one of their local retail outlets. Check their web site for locations. This battery is listed on their web page http://www.batteriesplus.com/prod/hawker.html but the picture on the top is wrong. No dimensions are given but it's almost a perfect replacement except for it's about 1/16 inch thicker.

The Panasonic LC-R062R4PU is probably still available from (of all places!) Digi-Key for less than $20. I was told they have lots of them. It is an exact physical replacement for the battery in the 9114B except I think I had to do something with the terminals. The details are a little fuzzy by now, a did this a while ago.

After posting the above I read on and found Karl Hafen has posted the same source - Digi-Key. For my own info, is this still a good source for the battery? Has anyone tried?

Their web site indicates that they have 4214 of these batteries in stock. They quote volume discounts on up to 120 units. They do charge $5.00 extra for orders under $25, so if only getting one, add that to the price ($16.36 + $5.00 = 21.36) plus shipping, and tax if you live in Minnesota.