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Since our friends in NZ have entered it already and others down under will do so soon:

Happy 7DB!!
Ein glückliches und erfolgreiches neues Jahr!

Happy 3733

Wish everyone well in 3.3034120706!

Happy GB(125)

Yes, Happy MMXI!


No, I meant to express the number in logarithmic form.

Then I'd like 7.60638738977 better - it's simply more natural ;)

Happy GB(125)

I'm sorry, I don't get this...

Will some kind soul explain?


dona nobis pacem

P.s. Happy New Year to forum members!

2011 ENTER 125 / FP 125 * results in 11 corresponding to the "digit" B.

2011 ENTER 125 / IP results in 16 ...

spero pax datum est 8)

Edited: 31 Dec 2010, 12:58 p.m.

Base 125.

G represents 16.
B represents 11.

(G*125^1)+(B*125^0) = 2011.

So we can likewise use base 250 and get 8B(250) or even simpler 11(2010)

Edited: 31 Dec 2010, 1:07 p.m.

Walter, I saved that one for you!

Clever, indeed!

Yes, but somehow I thought GB would look better :-)

Happy New Year!

Gerson Barbosa.

You can't do that with M v and C. ;) At least I can't.

Happy New Decade!

In only three years we'll reach MC(91). We'll have to wait a little longer for MVC(32), though. :-)

Edited: 31 Dec 2010, 2:02 p.m.

Ok, I think I've got a chance to repeat my wishes in another base:

Happy WB(62.5)

Happy WB(62.5)

Yet another utility of non-integer bases!

Quite right!

you can always tell when there's fond friendship in here :-)

Feliz Año Nuevo to all.


even simpler 11(2010)

I like this: simplicity relative to base.

Une bonne année à tous! (Fbase)

Happy 2002220.01220002...

Well, the one or other RPN-user might prefer to write this as...

2011 ENTER 125 RMDR  =>  11 = B
2011 ENTER 125 INT/ => 16 = G

I love all those numeric functions that make things more elegant, more precise or just shorter. :-)

However, in this case the final solution of course is writing "2011" as a base-2011-number: a simple "10". B-)


Happy New Year everyone!

From Trinidad and Tobago Happy New Year everyone.

I'm a little late for the New Year, but happy 11:11:11 1/1/11.

I can hardly wait until November 11!

Happy New Year 2011

Bonne Annee 182 ( base 41 )

Also Happy:

(11 consecutive prime numbers)

Shamelessly lifted from this site:

That's pretty clever.

However, in this case the final solution of course is writing "2011" as a base-2011-number: a simple "10". B-)

A bit trivial, don't you think so?

A bit trivial, don't you think so?

Well... a bit late maybe. I later realized someone else had that idea with 2011 = 112010 a few hours earlier. #-)


Base 2011 means you have 2,011 unique symbols to represent numbers. What are the other 2009 symbols? : )