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Full Version: Firmware update for new HP-12C+
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In this thread (HP12C - SST in RUN-Mode doesn't work correctly the latest firmware for the HP-12C+ is mentioned as 2009-11-19.

Now, my HP-12C+ has firmware version 2009-07-02.

Is it possible to update the firmware using a PC? I have the serial cable (many thanks to Tim Wessman).
Is it possible to download the latest firmware from somewhere?

The above thread says something about Cyrille may be able to help?
How can I contact this person?


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It's not available for download as far as I know, but Tim should be able to send it to you, especially since he sent you the cable. It's sort of a necessary component, if it's not included with the cable and you're playing with re-purposing you would have lost the 12C functionality.