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Full Version: Blue HP 50G
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Just got myself one of those blue toys. It's very blue. It's pretty different from the older days calculators like the 41CX and 42S, but everyone who saw it, liked it. The keys also feel softer. One of my students who has a black 50G also noticed the softer key feel. The battery cover is loose, so I changed it with a black cover, which fits pretty snug. Maybe just coincidence. I got it from Spain, obviously, since it is only available there. It's a nice variation from the black, for those who want change. One thing I am concerned about is because of the lighter blue the body is in, it may tend to get 'dirty' easier. The black ones would probably hide these flaws, but the blue would show it up. Just my observations.

Edited: 15 Dec 2010, 2:34 p.m.

It is definitely very blue. :-)

I haven't seen the final working model, but it does look much better in hand than in any picture. If you just go by that then you will be very worried. Granted, blue will not float everyone's boat, but I do think you hit the nail nicely regarding a selection for those that want it.

That does seem very strange that the keys feel that different. . .


This model has a periodic table and Streansmart connection built in in the APPS function. Not sure if this is a recent development, but my black 50G doesnt have that.


I don't get what that might be.

Should read Streamsmart ;) and is found here. HTH

Those functions are in the latest firmware for the 50G, enter the command "VERSION" to see what level your black 50G is at. Mine shows "Revision #2.15" and those apps are present. The firmware update is available from HP's website.

Ooops. Yes it is StreamSmart. Blue one is version 2.15, black is 2.08.

HP's answer to the data collecting devices from TI and Casio.

Mine is black and FW is v 2.15.