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Full Version: HMS+, HMS-, HMS, HR: LEX files
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Playing with my 71B and have written a few programs for it. I am however looking for an augment in the form of a lex command. After searching I found a 2003 thread:

2003 thread link

In it the following lex program is listed;

hmslexp.lex_______(hms+, hms-, hms, hr)

A few questions,

a) anyone familiar with it?

b) anyone have a text copy of it they can send to me (I have the
makelex installed)?

c) does one actually invoke the functions with a descrete command
in the program listing similar to:

i HMS(H1,H2) take a decimal time in H1 and convert it to a
sexidecimal time in H2.
ii HR(H1,H2) take the sexidecimal time in H1 and convert it
to a decimal time in H2

Cheers, Geoff

Edited: 12 Dec 2010, 2:07 a.m.

You can find those LEX files in CHHU archives:


HMSLEXP is in CHHU05.GZ ...

I would like to see the actual file in print, allowing me to input it manually.


How does one without UNIX (using Windows XP) open up a .lif and view it. Does it require an 71B emulator? If so, and being extremely lazy on a Sunday afternoon, does anyone have a step by step method??

right now I am using sub routines HMS and HR which I call and convert the sexidecimal to decimal and back again. This is cumbersome and an addition of lex commands would make programming easier.

If anyone actually has the numeric display file available that would be appreciated other wise another day learning another emulator. When will it ever stop


so today off to J-Fs site to learn about EMU71! I see another reason to get my pil-box up and running. Looks like my free time is now not so free.

Still, if anyone has a printed copy of the lex file it would get my programing running today!!??

Edited: 12 Dec 2010, 3:56 p.m.