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Full Version: How should I clean my hp-15c
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Is it ok to use rubbing alcohol with q-tips? Something else?

Rubbing Alcohol is safe for faceplate. I can't remember about the screen. Start with water in q-tip.

Absolutely No Ketones.

I would not use cotton swabs. Might create polished areas and more importantly, they wouldn't touch the gunk around the keys.

My mix is 70/30 isopropyl/di water. Very soft bristle toothbrush. Spray lightly, brush lightly, mop up, canned air dry off. Repeat if needed. The key is not to saturate with liquid, light spray only and repeat when needed. It's like spray painting, two light coats are better than one heavy.

Disclaimer: do not use isopropyl on Classics, it will lift the clear coat.

Randy, I'm curious. Is isopropyl better than "denatured" (Ethyl/methyl mix, usually) for some technical reason? Or is it the lower cost that makes it attractive?