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Full Version: OT: Can you identify this calculator?
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Short question:

What was the purpose of this calculator? Just found it in a larger lot and struggle to come up with the reason behind the two metal hooks...

Any help appreciated. There is no manufacturer stated on the product or the PCB, but it was manufactured in Korea around 1976.

Have a great weekend and happy calculator hunting...



Do those rings snap out? If so, I'll bet those rings were to hold a day-by-day calendar. You flip over the pages as each day goes by.


They are removeable - but not really easy. They are rather thick and you have to press them together by 5 mm to release them.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Joerg. I agree with Dave it looks like a calendar base. Here's a link for a calendar refill:

Calendar Refill




Paper fits into the base - questions answered.

Have a great weekend!