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Full Version: HP Solve Newsletter?
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Anyone know if there will be another HP Solve Newsletter?

Why not?

It seems like they were coming out every 2 months and now nothing for Oct and it is almost December. . Unless I'm looking in the wrong place?

Patience, paddy-wan.

Patience I have, master Wright.
Always in motion is the future.

They still claim it being a bimonthly newsletter. We all know, however, HP's website being not always - hmmh - true nowadays :-/

I am equally anxious to see the next HP Solve newsletter since I sent Richard Nelson (the editor) a couple of articles that should appear in the next issue and/or the one after that. So just hang in there friend. Be patient.


I'm looking forward to it also. And while we're talking HP Solve, let me thank Richard for taking on this task. I'm sure it's a lot of work and somehow I suspect that he's getting paid less than, say, JK Rowling....

Thanks Rickard.

I want to make it clear I wasn't tryin to sling dirt on Richard. Wonderful job!

I think we're all in the not making as much as J.K. Club these days. Kids loved the HP7 Part 1 movie last night. I thought it was pretty good as well.

Richard edits and prepares the newsletter files and sends them to HP who publish the material on the HP web site. My guess is that HP personel (being few) who post the files are behind schedule.


Yes, it is HP that is holding up the current issue. A new "topic" was suggested and the legal beagles had to decide how to handle it. You all know that the legal types are not known for their speediness.

X < > Y,


Maybe it helps suing HP for falsely advertising a bimonthly newsletter ;)

LOL. I have not seen one in a while.

November is out at

Thanks Richard!

Well, HP, it's about time! ;-)