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Full Version: HP-41: Backup and restore of complete HEPAX RAM across the whole NoVRAM, NoV-32 & NoV-64 modules
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I've been itching to do this one; An easy complete backup and restore of my NoV-64.

From the ICEBOX page:

With the programs "SAVENOV" and "GETNOV", you can now very easily save and retreive all the HEPAX ram in a NoVRAM, NoV-32 or NoV-64 module.

The scenario: You are a blissful owner of a NoVRAM, NoV-32 or NoV-64 module by Diego Diaz. You have loaded into the module's ROM the companion module (the ICEBOX) and the excellent CCD OS/X (or another rom with the SAVEROM and GETROM functions). You want an easy way to back up the entire HEPAX RAM to a mass storage device. Manually, this is a tedious task, especially with the NoV-64, having 4 blocks of HEPAX RAM with 4 pages of 4K HEPAX RAM each.

With the SAVENOV/GETNOV program in ordinary HP-41 RAM, simply XEQ "SAVENOV" and it will prompt for the type of module you wish to back up (1 for the NoVRAM, 2 for the NoV-32 and 3 for the NoV-64). Upon you pressing the right number and the R/S key, it commences with backing up the whole RAM of the module with files named "N0-8", "N0-9", "N0-10", "N0-11", "N1-8", "N1-9"... "N3-11" and shows "NOV SAVED". The same with retrieving the whole RAM of the module: Prompting for the right module type, copying each page into it's proper place and ending with "NOV RESTORED" in the display. Simple.

BTW: With this program my old cassette drive is back into production. Despite having a well functioning PIL-Box/Emu41 setup, it's still a tad easier to hook up the cassette drive and XEQ "SAVENOV" and have my NoV-64 backed up to a cassette.