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Full Version: Updated DATA management (STAT & DATA)
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After wrapping my mind around what amounted to one of the hardest programming tasks I've had on the 41, I now proudly present the updated "DATA" program, version 0.6.

It has new features and combined with the FILEMAN program, you have a complete file and data management system, and with the STAT program, a full blown statistical analysis tool.

Go to the DATA and FILE page.

Greetings Geir, I can't access the FILEMAN page - can you pls. check the link?

It's right here: http://www.isene.com/isene.cgi?hp-41_FILEMAN

...and fixed the link from the STAT page. Thanks for notifying.

Edit: Fixed the double "http" in the link

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Sorry Geir but still that new link doesn't work for me.

There's an extra "http//" in the link...


That explains it. I accessed it from the main web site, but it's surprising to see yet quite a few other calls to more global labels not included in the FILEMAN program...

Geir, Help!

Angel: As it says on the page: "These programs requires the LIBXM and LIBHPX libraries."

Fixed the double "http" in the link above.

"These programs requires the LIBXM and LIBHPX libraries."

hmmm... would you mind reminding me/us where to get those?

...they are appropriately linked from the FILEMAN page (or the main UC-41 page). And they are here:


Mystery solved :)

Have you never thought about compiling an ICEBOX -page-II with all these libraries and handy routines? Would be a fitting addition to the module, I think.

That is a very good idea. Let's see, we have the following tools that would fit nicely as the ICEBOX FOCAL Companion module:






... I should cough up a few more useful programs to fill the 4K. Let me think about it for a day or two.

Edited: 21 Nov 2010, 4:19 p.m.