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Full Version: HP-41 File management system
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I was a roll and finally got around to publish also my file management programs - programs that I use regularly and find very useful:

The FILEMAN and FILE programs are found here.

In the listing for the "LIBXM" file you have two entries NNN>HEX and aNRCL. Are these two MCODE routines possibly from SQUID MCODE book?

Only Geir can confirm but sure enough they look like those functions from the Skwid book (and also present in the SandBox and TOOLBOX rom, and possibly also in Geir's own ICEBOX).

Located in the ICEBOX rom.

Yes. I asked the forum a while back for the best way of showing the current XM file and found the best way to be included in either the full CCD ROM (but it requires 2 pages and contains less useful matrix functions - so I opt for the much better CCD OS/X) or the ICEBOX rom. Only the function XMFILE? requires the ICEBOX.

Also, the call to XMFILE? can safely be removed from the FILEMAN and FILE programs as these are only included for the added convenience of showing the user what file is currently handled at the start of the FILEMAN or FILE programs.