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Full Version: I think my collection is complete...
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My passion is for LED models, been working on my collection, which stands as follows today (all are working and in good condition, with a few "extras" for parts etc.). I don't think I have any others I want? Am I missing any obvious examples?!?!

HP35 (with bug)
HP65 (currently 2 with repaired card readers)

HP25C (needs ACT chip)
HP67 (with repaired card reader)




Not a pocket machine, but the HP-97 is a beautiful example of engineering. I think you'd enjoy it.

Congratulations on your quest. You certainly have collected the main ingredients of a quality collection. If your intention was to collect "all" the LED models, my list (if I have everything correct) has a total of 28.

HP 97
HP 92
HP 91
HP 81
HP 80
HP 70
HP 67
HP 65
HP 55
HP 46
HP 45
HP 38 E
HP 38 C
HP 37 E
HP 35
HP 34 C
HP 33 C
HP 33 E
HP 32 E
HP 31 E
HP 29 C
HP 27
HP 25
HP 25 C
HP 22
HP 21
HP 19 C
HP 10

Since you plainly exhibit the irrational behavior of the ordinary HP collector, I am sure you will not stop now.

I still need the HP 70 and HP 81.

Mark --

Although you stated that your 'passion' was for LED models, you have one LCD model (HP-41C) from the LED era, as well as a few modern examples.

Your LED collection is missing the rare and pricey HP-27.

The HP-41CX, HP-15C, HP-16C, HP-42S, HP-27S, and HP-17BII are among the most desirable LCD models from the 1980's. The HP-41CX is the epitome of the HP-41 series, and has some functionality that cannot be added to an HP-41C/CV. The HP-16C is unique among HP models.

For LED models, I have only an HP-35 (no bug) and an HP-34C.

-- KS

I think you miss the HP-91, HP-92, HP-97, HP-97S..... and certainly the HP-95C... good luck!

If you collect LED pocket models, you miss some Woodstocks (21, 22, 27, 29C) and some Spices (31, 32, 33, 33C, 37) still. At least I don't see a reasonable line excluding these from your collection ;)

Good luck in hunting!

Impressive collection, Mark.

Looks like you can quit.

So stop bidding against me (smiles).

An impressive collection with some hard to find models.

Ok so you've convinced me I need to continue!

My first calc was a Sinclair Scientific (!), then HP-25 and then HP-41C - so that is why it's in my collection! If I have to do some REAL work the 41C is probably my first choice...! I'm quite interested in the HP27, but honestly I've fallen in love with the C versinos of LED calcs and that is preventing me from falling in love with the 27! Well, that and the massive prices they command!!!

I've come very close to getting a 97, but I fear my office mates would tease me too much (you see, I use all of my collection daily at work (on rotation, of course! Today it's the 19C :-) ))

You make a good point!!? See my thoughts on 27, above. 21 and 22 just haven't gotten to me yet? I have a good 21 emulator on my iPhone, perhaps that's enough?? A 33C would fill my LED+C desires, but the lower 3x range don't really excite me enough...

Thank you, it is a disease, but that's why we're all here, right?!

Thank you, maybe I'll stop bidding against you?

We could all collude to keep the prices down. Hmmm.

I've got:
HP97 (I agree very nicely engineering and easier to repair)
HP65 (fully repaired FINALLY)
HP55 3 (two adjacent serial # calcs with all docs), 1 FOR SALE
HP35 3; last model, 2nd Gen, raised dot with bug


HP41C with reader & modules
HP48S, SX, G, GX

HP32S 50th Aniv

Unison 811-C (almost counts, has HP Red LED...)

Crap, I didn't know I had this many till I tallied them...

...After a quick scan, I'm surpised that apparently no one has mentioned the HP-1.

LED, no...???

Imagine a modern HP-97. How awesome would that be?



Hmm - the HP-01 - yes, LED, but, no RPN :-( I'd still like one, though. Too bad they command >>$2k these days...

If you're afraid of leaving a paper trail that curious eyes might drift across seeing all your coding errors, just don't turn Trace on :-)

Just knowing the decimal point on the 19C has that tiny HP logo on it makes it a favorite!


Same here, I am going to get the 27S next week - can't wait.

Thanks for your kind words?

Heh, strange coincidence: the HP81 is one of the only two LED models that I own, and one of the only two that you *don't* own.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue. We need to trade.