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Full Version: How to use a formula in a post
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cf. How to use a formula in a post

A LaTeX-tag would be cool:


This would be displayed as:

Best regards


Wow, brings back memories. I used to know TeX by heart and a good amount of LaTeX as well. I was in college when it first came out. This one lady at the computer center was just gaga over it.

Another consideration may be MathML. I thought it was dead but it looks like they just updated it...

Perl is a unix routine. How do I run that on my wodoze machine?

How do I run that on my wodoze machine?

You may install strawberryperl or activeperl. Use a file for the formula instead of the here-document:

perl -MURI::Escape -ne 'chomp; printf "[img:http://latex.codecogs.com/png.latex?%s]\n\n", uri_escape $_' formula.txt

There might be other utilities to uri-escape.



I can't test that right now, but the following should work. Create a file "uri-escape.pl" with your favorite text-editor and enter the following lines:

use URI::Escape;
while (<>) {
printf "[img:http://latex.codecogs.com/png.latex?%s]\n\n", uri_escape $_;

Create a 2nd file "formula.txt". It may contain several formulas each on a separate line:


Now run in a command prompt:

perl uri-escape.pl formula.txt

If you are too lazy to upload images you can use aamath for "a-text":

$ echo "e^(i*pi)+1=0" | aamath

i ||
e + 1 = 0

$ echo "sum([n-1;r],r = 0 .. min(n-1,4))" | aamath

min(n - 1, 4)
\ / n - 1 \
> | |
/ \ r /
r = 0

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