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Full Version: HP calculators feature on UK Import/Export Tax website
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Whilst searching on info on import duties and VAT, I came across the following pages with pictures of HP calculators.

Although the logos have been removed from the pictures, the following page shows the unmistakable blue HP-49G:
Excise and VAT in international trade

and this one looks like the HP-20S:
Understand your tax obligations when importing or exporting

Not a 20s, since that model has both blue and orange shifts, and the tiny picture you references has only blue.

22s has only blue, but has the flat bezel around the display; the tiny picture seems to have a deep bezel.

So perhaps a Photoshop amalgam?

Looking closer, it almost seems like a 10B, but with the orange shift key & labels made blue. The two blue-only shift key pioneers (AFAIK the 22S & 27S) have an up-down key above the shift, doesn't seem so on this one. Also the 10B is the only one with something small above the "." key. Very difficult to say with such a small pic. The only thing I'm reasonably sure of is that it's a pioneer :-)

It could be a 10B with green keys - I have one of these.

Cheers, Keith

20b ?

I too first thought it might be a 20b. But you can see that the blue shifted functions are over the keys, whereas on the 20b they are on the sloping key fronts.

10B with green keys...


Yes - there is green-key 10B one on ebay right now - item 180580062116
Cheers, Keith

Looks like the closest match to me. This green shift 10B is raising some questions in my mind, like was it released around the time of the green/purple 48G? Also in which countries was it released?

The very first HP 49G calculators were the colour shown. I have still got one and it still works. I found it extremly slow and the keys were very stiff. The main reason why it still goes is that it was hardly ever used. I managed to find a HP 48 that still worked and went back to that.

My main calculator now is a HP 50g.

It is the HP49G - it was very distinctive, the color earning the nickname "frozen hamster butt blue".

Yes, the first link is definitely the blue 49G, the second link has a very low res picture of a Pioneer, to which the closest mach I think is a green shift key 10B.