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Full Version: Faceplate separation repair
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For a long time now my 32SII metal faceplate has been separating away from the plastic body ... right up near the top by the display.

Is there a particular glue (I assume) and method I should use to correct this? Also, I should "try" get something back in there and pull away the lint and stuff from behind it first. How might I do that? Seems a cotton swab would be too large.

Sorry if this has been covered before but I didn't have any luck with my search terms for a similar post and solution.

check out HPSolve, June 2010:

June 2010

The second half of the restoration article explains the faceplate removal and glueing procedure.

I suggest you remove the faceplate, depending on how much has separated, as that way you can put a reverse curve on it so that it glues back to the case with the corners down. If the raised edges are not to great then a fine paint brush and contact cement will work. Make sure to press the glue joint for a few minutes to ensure it does not raise.

Cheers, Geoff

Thank you for your input on this Geoff. I'm downloading the newsletter now and will look at it.


Perhaps I should just try using a fine paint brush to clean out the dust, then contact cement applied with the toothpicks first to see if I can get it to stay down. It's not raised any further back than to the bottom of the LCD display.

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Hi Geoff,

let me take the opportunity and ask about your book: When will it be available? What will it cost? Or is it on the market already?

TIA for your response,